Steam Cleaning or Hot Water Cleaning


So how do we manage to clean your carpets so well, every time? For the most part, we use the highly-recommended method of hot water extraction – also called steam cleaning – to remove as much dirt, grime, oil and other debris from your carpets as possible. Hot water is sprayed onto the fabric of the carpet and then vacuumed back up – resulting in sparkling clean carpets that often look just like new!

This method of carpet cleaning is not only the best way to clean your carpets but also the best way to protect the fibers of your carpet as well. Though we do use a particular shampoo or mixture, the strength of our vacuum makes it so there’s little to no residue left, and you’re left with a clean, that you can feel carpeted floor!

But here’s the thing- even though it’s called, “steam cleaning,” we do not use steam to clean your carpets. We use hot water extraction mixed with a chemical solution that gets even the most stubborn stains out.

Did you know?
Don’t worry when we say, “chemical solution.” Technically, water is a chemical, so not all chemicals are bad. Our shampoo we use is safe for the environment, safe for your family, safe for your pets, and even safe and gentle on those carpet fibers.

Furniture Removal Services
To clean your carpets properly, we’ll naturally need access to the entire floor! If you’re unable to remove the furniture yourself, we can help you remove any furniture or heavy objects that may be getting in the way – all as part of our regular carpet cleaning service. Some companies will charge you extra for removing and then replacing the furniture, but not CleanerUp!