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CleanerUp is Minneapolis’s most experienced and credentialed Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Company. We are fully insured, licensed and certified so we can provide the residents of Minneapolis with the best services.

Water Damage Restoration and Remediation
Having water invade the home can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it’s leaky pipes, a leak or crack in the roof during a rain storm, appliances that decided to break or simply a clogged sink or bath that was left unattended and overflowed- CleanerUp is the company Minneapolis trusts most.

Water damages to your home or business can happen fast, so it’s imperative that you act just as quickly. Allowing the water damage, to sit too long can be the difference between minor damage, to extensive damage. We specialize in removing all the water, all the hidden excess moisture, and repairing whatever water damage there was to your home or business. We have state of the art equipment to make sure that before we leave, there’s no moisture hiding in cabinetry, carpets, or drywall. Do not wait to call; it could be costing you far more damage than you know!

Mold Damage Restoration
Most mold damage in Minneapolis is caused by water that was not properly removed and dried. This is why it’s important, even in water removal and damage restoration- to properly remove ALL excess water. Any moisture that you can’t see with your eyes will cause mold damage down that road. What was a simple leaky pipe can now be a major mold issue that requires significant repair?

When we come to your home for a mold assessment and repair, we always try to find the source of the mold. As stated above, it’s usually water that wasn’t properly removed. Once the source is found, we will fix what caused the mold- then remove it and restore whatever needs repairing.

We always suggest to our customers that they do not try to remove the mold themselves. While many DIY techniques make it look like it cleaned up the problem- it typically doesn’t. A lot of molds have roots that seep into wood or drywall grain- and this can’t see seen with the naked eye. To properly rid this there needs to be specialized work done. If you spot mold, it’s best to leave it there and call CleanerUp so we can identify the type of mold, and restore your home with further contamination!

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire is that kind of disaster that can cause the most damage in a short amount of time. If you experienced a small localized fire or a large destructive fire you need to call an experienced and trained team to come in and properly restore the home. CleanerUp works in close collaboration with the fire department and your insurance agent to make sure the home is safe for reentry, and that your insurance will cover everything that was damaged. Once we are on the scene, we do not leave until that last picture is hung back on the wall.

Fire Damage Tip: The oil from your fingers can cause further damage to artwork or furniture should you try to remove anything that has ash on it. Please wear gloves before handling anything damaged in the fire, so we can ensure that no further damage occurs.

Odor Removal
Whether it’s from cigarettes, urine, or smoke from a fire- we handle all restoration needs involving odor. From clean up all the way to sealing walls or floors before you place down new carpet, we do it all. Call us for more information.

Insurance Claim Assistance
Here at CleanerUp we know that the most frustrating part of water damage to the home or business can be dealing with your insurance claim. We work with all insurance companies and will help handle the request until everything is restored and paid for! We will always talk about cost and when we think it’s a good time to bill insurance- or even if it’s not. We are experienced and skilled in knowing what will save you the most money. We are happy to look at the numbers and help you make some tough choices. That last thing we want you worried about is dealing with the insurance company- you have a lot on your plate- call us today so we can help take the load off.

Make CleanerUp a Part of Your Emergency Plan
We know everyone has an emergency plan for when there’s a tornado, flash flooding, or even a fire in the home or business. What we’ve seen more and more is that there was never any consideration for what to do after the emergency hit. Customers had no idea who to call and had trouble even knowing where to start. Searching Google for the best restoration company takes up time. This is a time where we could restore the home to prevent further damage. That’s why we tell everyone to store our number in the phone. We hope you never have to use it- but if you do have water damage you at least know who to call!

Store our number in your phone now!


Properties: We provide water damage services to single family homes, duplexes, apartments, businesses offices, daycares, and more!


Credentials: We are IICRC certified, insured, and licensed!