Home Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in the home tend to be the most used, most dirty, but most loved. There’s nothing quite like coming home from a long day at work to a clean house, and clean carpets to lay that blanket on while you watch your favorite show after the kids go to bed.

That’s why here at CleanerUp LLC in Chanhassen Minnesota, we understand the importance of clean carpet in the home. We understand how that one grease stain just stares at you. We understand that when the mother in law is coming to town, you have to be able to see the vacuum lines or she will point it out. We’ve been there, and so have all our previous customers. That’s why we use our truck mounted system to steam clean your carpets and get those pesky stains out so that you can get those beautiful vacuum lines.

Yep- we said truck mounted! What that means is the pressure that our steam cleaning hoses provide is far stronger than the run of the mill carpet cleaning rental. We combine the power of heat, pressure, and steam to make sure your home carpet is not only spotless and fresh, but free of chemicals and harsh toxins!

Here’s the thing, we get kids. And animals. And, well, husbands. We know that no matter how hard you try- that carpet will show wear and stains will magically appear (and nobody will know how it got there). So whether it’s yearly cleaning or an emergency from a recent spill, we will quickly and promptly come to your home and get that spill taken care of!

Sometimes we know you just can’t wait six months to clean your carpets in Minnesota, especially when we’re in the thick of the spring melt, All that sand and salt used on the roads and sidewalks goes on the bottoms of your shoes right to your carpet. Let’s not even get started on the mud from the snow melt. Can you even image what’s in that snow melt? Yuck!

Not only does our steam cleaning naturally and more efficiently get rid of all stains and high traffic area grime, but it naturally deodorizes at the same time. There’s nothing quite worse than having carpet in the home that smells a bit like stinky feet and wet dogs. But when you live in your home to the fullest- sometimes these odors just can’t be avoided. You shouldn’t have to worry about your carpets- we want you and your family enjoying

Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

your home without worrying about your carpet and how it smells. I mean really, your carpet is walked on- it’s going to stink. However, you don’t have to live with that stink. That’s why we offer our steam cleaning and deodorizing.

Whether it’s on the stairs, or in the living room with the furniture that nobody is allowed to sit on, or down in the basement where all the life happens- we can clean all the carpet in your home. That’s just another reason why we are the top carpet cleaning company- in the Minneapolis Metro. We won’t shy away from any carpet in any location.

It’s time you get some of your life back, and stop stressing over the carpet.