Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Studies show that proper carpet care can increase business profitability by over 40% over the year by reducing the number of sick days and presenting a cleaner environment to your customers!

At CleanerUp, we know that having clean carpets in your home is always a priority — but there are also times when you need our help in a commercial or business space too! Because of our experience in the industry, we can handle nearly any carpet cleaning job you may have in the Chanhassen area. Whether it’s the smallest hallway or a sprawling estate or commercial property, we take pride in ensuring all our customers get the quality they deserve.

Speaking of quality- our carpet cleaning professionals have over 15 years of experience in cleaning carpets for commercial spaces! That’s just another reason why you can trust CleanerUp for all your commercial carpet cleaning needs.Another reason you want CleanerUp in charge of keeping your carpets clean is we schedule out your companies carpet cleaning so you know when to expect us- which means less worry for you. You have a business to run, employee’s to train and take care of, and of course customers to serve. The last thing you should be worried about is your carpet. Let CleanerUp put your business on our cleaning schedule- we will take care of the carpet so you can take care of everything else.

Whether you’re the most popular restaurant in town, or the school’s library- CleanerUp is here for all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs. We specialize in low profile carpet that’s been in high traffic areas and used commercially all the way to the plushest, high-end carpet.

Here art CleanerUp, we come in after hours every 3-6 months, depending on how much traffic your carpet sees, to steam clean your carpets. We often come in during the closed hours or at night- so your customers aren’t disturbed. We use our industrial-strength dryers to make sure that the carpet is as dry as possible before you open for business the next morning. And remember- we don’t only steam clean carpets, but we deodorize them and can also add our Scotch Guard protection to protect the fibers and prevent further stains. Not only is your freshly cleaned carpet going to look better, but it’s also going to feel better too- for you and your customers.

So don’t wait any longer, stop covering the high traffic areas with ugly rugs and mats, and just call CleanerUp to take care of your businesses carpet cleaning needs!