Carpet Cleaning for Residential Rentals


When you’re moving out of a rental, don’t stress out about the carpet, and don’t stress out about who will clean it. Don’t worry if there was mud tracked in during the move, or that one stain you just can’t get rid of with home remedies. There’s a reason we are here- and that’s to help your move out process go as smoothly as possible. Just call CleanerUp and let us do what we do best, and that’s clean your carpets, so they look as good as new!

We understand that when you are renting a residential home, moving out can be chaotic, especially when you need to make sure the carpets are cleaned and pass inspection. You want as much as that deposit back as you can get! That’s why here at CleanerUp, we are the residential rentals top pick for carpet cleaning.

We offer the required truck-mounted carpet cleaning system, something more and more rental companies are requiring their residents to use. Our steam cleaning system is powerful enough to get the most stubborn stains out but careful enough that the fibers in the carpet stay in good shape. You property manager will be nothing but pleased after we get done cleaning your rental’s carpet.

CleanerUp knows that you want that deposit back, so we’ll do everything we can make sure the carpets look as good as new. While we cannot promise you will get it, we can guarantee that we meet the guidelines for any rental agency requiring you to use a truck mounted system to steam clean the carpets. We can also promise the clean your carpets until there’s nothing left to clean. That’s just another reason so many people trust us at CleanerUp.

Don’t forget, we steam clean carpets on stairs, in basements, and of course those high traffic areas that show the most wear. The stubborn carpet that looked matted down and old will come alive and seem like the day it was put in. No more grease stains from your shoes, no more grape juice that your toddler spilled, no more mystery stain that still perplexes you to this day. We will take care of every stain until it’s gone.

Another great reason our truck mounted steam cleaning system is preferred for rental agencies, is that because the pressure is so intense from the steam we can deodorize the carpet as well. That’s why when you move into a new place, it smells new! We remove all dirt and grime that was causing the home to smell musty and dirty. Trust us, the tenants moving in after you will thank you!